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Coastal Goat Farm - Best Stall Fed Goat Farm India

We are located at Perdoor Village, Udupi District, Karnataka State in India. Coastal Goat farm is one of the finest Stall Fed Goat Farm in India, spread over many acres, landscaped to provide the necessary facilities to the goats. All the Goats are raised and nourished in stalls with best fodder and care. Health and growth of each and every goat is monitored on daily basis, providing vaccination and medicine to prevent from known diseases.

There is vast demand for Indian Goats overseas as well, Indian Goats are preferred over other regions due to the fact of their natural growth and quality of meat. We are the leading Live Goat suppliers in udupi, Mangalore , Bangalore, Maharashtra and all part of the India.

The innovations have taken goat farming to a whole new level of operations within the country. The systems of production and operation implemented at Coastal Goat Farm have been appreciated by many. Top executives from the agricultural and animal husbandry department have acknowledged that Coastal Goat Farm has revolutionized the goat farming industry and has provided invaluable support for rural development.

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GOAT FARM INDIAThe demand for Boer Goats continues to grow despite tough economic conditions across the world. The hardness, adaptability and early maturing characteristics of this productive livestock breed makes it the Best meat-producing Goat in the world.